My Mistake, Four Coffins

from by Ft. Benton Friars



Long shot here.....would you guys be willing to do an instrumental take
on Zepplin's "When the Levee Breaks"?
Put a slight, genuine westerny touch on it....but you'd really have to
hit it right and hard....capture that pump and grind and foreboding
momentum that carries the song........we'd need about 3 minutes of
audio.....and we'd need it soon, very soon......what ya think?


Playing and recording last night was a great end to a hell of a week for the three of us. We had a massive amount of fun. The whisky, beer, and wine was flowin' and the music got loose and loud, but hopefully we delivered something that'll meet the inspiration that Zep's Levee gave you. The idea was to do something that had the energy and drive of Levee but fit with what we have done previously. We basically did two variations of two similar ideas. The first was called "We'll Need Three Coffins", and then this one. Check it...


from Strange Arithmetic, track released March 27, 2012



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