Colonel Garcia

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Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 19:16:42 -0700
From: DR
Subject: Re: somebody's been listening to Jones and Haggard
To: David R

In reality we actually did that whole thing in about 3 hours (only one is a second take) before RM and ML had to go be parents. Here is what we were drinking:

RM - Alaskan Amber/Oban scotch - also 40+ years of growing up on a hard-scrabble ranch outside of Miles City, an unhealthy fascination with George Jones and Merle Haggard, several hard-won fist-fights, two beautiful vintage guitars - each with their own brand of just the right twang and re-verb - He gets most the credit as he showed up with all of the ideas - ML and I just follow along. I was laughing this morning when I saw the titles ...Colonel Garcia and a dry heat...indeed!

ML - Alaskan Amber/ Oban Scotch - also drumming on a beautiful vintage Ludwig kit that he purchased on Craig's list for about $800; prior to selling off all the superfluous stuff to bring the price down to around $600. ML is a "more for less" sort of a guy!

DR - 1/2 bottle of Pacifico - 4 strings is about all I can do


from Strange Arithmetic, track released March 27, 2012



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